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    What’s Included?

    What's Included In Our
    Branding Services?

    Branding Services develop perceptions that correspond to reality over time, creating the brand’s name that’s easily recognised, friendly and trustworthy. We tell compelling stories with the brand you represent, setting customers’ expectations and shaping their choices.

    What are the characteristics that define you or your business’s place in the marketplace?  A Brand! A brand is the thing that determines your company, you or product on the market. It’s made by utilising creativity and strategies to inform prospective customers all about your company. Hirola believes that creating an identity for your brand is each company’s primary goal. Your brand defines how people perceive your business and the products it offers. The brand identity comprises various elements, including the web site and social media, logos banners, brochures and brochures all. Hirola has some of the top branding experts who will create your brand’s digital identity using their vast experience and expertise, helping to boost the growth of your business.

    • Logo Design

      First impressions are important, and for many potential customers, your logo will provide the initial glimpse of your brand. A company logo is essentially the face of the organisation, and it should tell prospective customers everything they need to know about your business right up front. Logos set the stage for large-scale identity design.A well-designed logo supports marketing efforts in a variety of ways:

    • Brand Messaging

      Your brand message should account for these questions and more. It defines what your company is, permeating everything from marketing materials to tag lines to product descriptions.Everything your company says should have meaning, and that meaning should always reflect your brand messaging.Working with us, businesses can receive expert guidance on how to craft the right message for their audience.

    • Brand Positioning

      Brand positioning could easily be considered a subset of brand messaging, but it’s important enough to warrant its own discussion.In short, brand positioning is how you set yourself apart from the competition.We want to drill down into what makes your business unique, and find an effective way to showcase those strengths.Your positioning in the marketplace is the ROI of being who you are.

    • Brand Voice

      Brands are like people: Each one has its own particular way of expressing itself. Some are friendly, some are irreverent, some are unflaggingly professional and some are aspirational. Establishing a brand voice and adhering to it across all touch points, marketing campaigns and customer interactions is extremely important. Having a strong brand voice solidifies your company’s identity.

    • Style Guide

      Once you’ve defined your brand voice, you need to codify it so every employee and stakeholder knows how to follow your branding guidelines. That’s where a style guide comes into play.Style guides can lay out your brand voice, messaging, design principles and more in precise detail. They instruct your staff members and business partners on the exact language to use in different scenarios.

    • Social Media Branding

      Businesses need to find a way to stay true to their brand messaging, voice and values while still taking advantage of social media’s inherent strengths . It’s a tricky balancing act, and a lot of organisations wind up falling flat on their faces.We have a keen understanding of what content works on different social media networks and how effectively to use those platforms without sacrificing brand integrity.

    What Clients Say

    Manager - Delhi

    Hirola has a vibrant team that is skilled and prompt in offering SEO friendly content writing services. Beyond the impeccable content provided by the team for paid services, they have also been approachable and highly responsive to our queries and concerns. We are very happy to have associated with Hirola, and look forward to working with them in future.

    Vijay Mishra
    CEO - Jharkhand

    Working with Hirola didn’t feel like working with an external agency, The team at Hirola has been very professional. Hirola Team efforts brought in nearly 6x increase in organic conversions in the last six months by their SEO and development services. We appreciate their attention to detail and comprehensive approach to digital marketing. Looking forward to continuing our association with Hirola

    Vamsi Krishna
    Founder - Bangalore

    Hirola digital marketing agency in Bangalore has made a huge difference to our business with their hard work and knowledge of SEO and B2C marketing techniques. Our search engine rankings have gone up on a month on month basis and we are getting more people contacting us thanks to Hirola InfoTech

    Our Process

    We’ve created a roadmap for working with companies in a way that effectively executes a solid Branding Services of Company.

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      Research is essential to examine the current position of the brand and investigate which direction the brand should go in to maximize its potential.The research does not often result in an epiphany for the brand.

    • Rectangle-Copy-17


      Developing a brand strategy takes a combination of rational thinking and creative imagination to create a strategy that works for the company internally and for its customers externally ( targeted audience ).

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      The design process begins by creating a logo, which will become the graphical representation of the brand. Colours, fonts, shapes and icons are all considered to create something unique, eye-catching and illustrative of the brand.

    • Group-9


      This stage involves taking the identity created in stage 3, and developing it over a range of touchpoints, which are essentially any point of contact between a business and its customers(Targeted Audiences).

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      Managing your brand identity assets requires a long-term commitment from company owners to build and maintaining the brand. To make a brand a success, it requires ongoing monitoring and input.

    Why Hirola Branding Services are Extraordinary!

    Brand Identity

    Your brand identity is how you want your brand to be perceived. It’s important that you know what your brand identity is and what you want it to be. If you don’t, how is anyone else supposed to know? You’re going to have a tough time generating brand awareness if you lack a strong brand identity through our Branding Services. The following are a few steps that you should take to establish your brand identity:

    • Identify your mission

      What was the reason you established your company in the first place? What is your company’s goal? Consumers want to know what your mission is (and they don’t want to hear that it’s “to make a profit”) and it will reflect who you are as a company.

    • Establish your unique value proposition

      Your unique value proposition is what sets you apart from your competitors. It’s a statement of how your offer benefits your customers, how you will meet the needs of your customers, and what makes your offer unique. Every marketing campaign you run should align with your unique value proposition.

    • Create your brand’s visual identity

      The visual elements of your brand certainly factor into your brand identity. Just consider the logos and colour palettes of some of the biggest companies out there, from Facebook’s simple logo and use of blue to McDonald’s golden arch and yellow and red palette. A strong logo that’s instantly recognisable is important, but so is choosing your colours. Different colours have different meanings and the colours you choose can have a psychological impact on your audience as well. For example, many fast-food restaurants use red and yellow because that combination of colours is thought to stimulate the appetite. Just keep in mind that consistency is key. If you decide to use shades of blue in your logo and on your website, then you should use those same colors for your social media pages, email newsletters, and physical location as well.

    • Increase brand recognition

      It’s going to take some time to get your vision of your brand identity out to the masses. You’ll want to generate awareness of your brand to do this through a variety of marketing efforts, such as building a website that emphasises your mission and unique value proposition, creating content that’s optimised for SEO, using social media to engage with consumers and to post your content, and more. It’s also vital that you make sure your mission, unique value proposition, and visual identity are consistent across all platforms. If it’s not, it will end up hurting your brand identity.

    Brand Culture

    Brand culture refers to your company’s core values and how you set an example for those values with our Branding Services. Businesses have always emphasised certain values; however, those values were often things like “reliability” or “honesty.” Values that are more equivalent to basic ethics. While those are important values to hold onto, more and more businesses have begun taking moral stances as well as political stances in addition to generally accepted values. These types of values feed into your brand culture as well. Take Nike for example. They have taken strong social positions by running commercials backing Colin Kaepernick and recently touting the importance of the women’s U.S. soccer team’s World Cup win. These are branding efforts touting their championing of equality, which has become a part of their brand culture. The following are a few tips to help you establish your brand culture:

    • Define your values

      Define exactly what your values are and how your company lives out those values. Don’t be afraid of taking a stance if there’s a particular stance that you want to take. Using the Nike example again, their backing of Kaepernick was considered controversial and plenty of consumers did not agree with their position. However, those that did agree with their position became even more strongly aligned with Nike’s brand. You can’t please everyone, but by sticking to your values, you’ll be more likely to strengthen your relationship with many of your customers.

    • Spread awareness of your values

      Let consumers know about your values by declaring them on your website or by encouraging discussion about your values on social media. Publishing content that backs your values is an effective method as well.

    • Ensure your company reflects your values

      There’s nothing consumers hate more than a hypocrite. If you’re flaunting your support for equal pay across social media and in your marketing efforts, then you better be practicing what you preach. Your brand culture is incredibly dependent on your ability to embrace your own values within your company.

    Brand Image

    Your brand image is similar to your brand identity in that it deals with how your brand is perceived. However, whereas your brand identity is how you want your brand to be perceived, brand image is how your brand is actually perceived. Consider your brand image as the reputation you currently have with the general public. Take for example United Airlines. Not long ago, they updated their brand design in an attempt to strengthen their brand identity as a “thoughtful, modern, and innovative airline.” However, their brand identity and brand image are currently quite different from each other after numerous massive PR failures regarding their customer service. Keeping that in mind, the following are a few ways to build and maintain a positive brand image:

    • Spread your message via PR

      Use public relations to spread your key messages as well as relevant news concerning your company. You can do this through news outlets, trade publications, and even online blogs. Public relations will help you raise awareness of your brand and what you’re doing, thereby helping to improve your brand image.

    • Establish a social presence

      Social media is an incredibly effective way to build your brand image, whether it’s by sharing content with consumers, keeping consumers up to date on the latest news and product launches, spreading awareness of your message, and engaging with consumers on a personal level. In fact, you can even use social media to address negative comments. It’s a good way to repair potential damage done to your brand image as a result of a poor customer experience by showing that you care and trying to correct the situation.

    • Create high-quality content

      Content will help to increase brand awareness by bringing in more web traffic. However, it can also help to build your brand authority. By publishing content that is relevant to your company and to your audience (and that’s of high quality), you’ll become a trustworthy source of information, which — in turn — will help improve your reputation and increase brand trust.

    A brand that is positive will contribute to steady growth in referrals, sales and retention of customers. Every marketing campaign begins by identifying the customers you want to reach, creating an identity, creating the mission statement or vision statement, describing the USP and positioning it against other brands and highlighting the advantages of the brand.

    Brand Personality

    Your brand personality refers to the human characteristics that your company has. Developing a brand personality is vital to connecting with your audience on an emotional level and for making your brand relatable. Because of this, make sure that you use the following tips to develop your brand personality:

    • Learn who your audience is

      Understanding your audience is something that you need to do from the very beginning. It’s an important step in building your brand identity as well. However, it’s particularly important when it comes to developing your brand personality. The way you present yourself and the way that you communicate should reflect not only who the audience is but what they expect. For example, if you have a younger audience, then a dry, formal tone may not resonate with them. However, if your audience is older, using younger slang and current pop culture references may go over their heads.

    • Engage with your audience

      While you can get your personality across in the content you write, it’s easier to do through engaging with people. It’s why using social media is so important. Your entire audience sees your interactions and it helps establish your personality a certain way. For example, Wendy’s has a reputation for having a playful personality because of their use of humor and the pretend feuds that they get into with other brands on Twitter.

    • Be consistent in tone

      If you’re going to be funny and informal on one platform, you need to make sure that personality carries over to all of the other platforms you use, both online and offline. If you’re inconsistent, it will hurt your ability to develop a cohesive brand personality, which will only confuse your audience.

    These are the four main brand components that you will need to address when developing your brand strategy. A strong brand requires a strong brand identity, brand image, brand culture, and brand personality. Implementing a successful brand strategy that develops all four of these components increases brand trust, loyalty, and awareness.

    We are Completely Experts in Brand Services. Contact us for more info.

    Branding Services FAQ’s

    How much duration does it take to develop a website?

    On average, the process takes 6-8 weeks to finish any project. The time frame for finishing the project can differ based on the extent of the website’s complexity and its functions, features and so on. As the top web development firm in Bangalore, we strive to complete the work before the time frame specified

    What is the amount you charge for a website development?

    As a top web development firm located in Bangalore, we charge based on the complexity of the website. The price is negotiable according to various aspects such as the website’s features, its complexity the site, time needed to create the website, etc.

    What kind of technologies do you support?

    We utilize the latest technology and tools like HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, Angular JS, React JS on the Web front-end as well as Node .JS, PHP, ASP .Net on the back-end of the Web and WordPress.

    Can I get the updates regarding the progress of my website?

    Yes. You will receive daily updates on the progress of your site. You can talk to our project manager for any queries or suggestions about your website.

    How many changes can I make to my website without any extra cost?

    As a top web design firm located in Bangalore, we’ll modify your website for up to 5 times at no charge. We will also make small changes to your website at no cost.

    When I need to make the payment for my website development?

    It is necessary to pay half the amount prior to starting the project, and the rest following the completion of the project. It also depends on the level of complexity that the undertaking. The amount that is due at the beginning of the project could be different.

    Will you offer unique content and SEO services for my website?

    We will gladly oblige after we have developed your website, we will provide top quality and original content for your site that is search engine compatible. As a leading web development firm in Bangalore, we offer SEO services to boost your website’s visibility and increase sales.

    Do you offer a secure and mobile friendly website?

    Yes. We provide an exclusive, secure and mobile-friendly website that is accessible quickly using any device. We create websites that are extremely flexible and durable, delivering a great user experience.