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Emerging Trends in Email Marketing

Emerging trends in email marketing
Emerging trends in email marketing

Most companies use email marketing to grow and expand their business. But on the same side, it is the most underrated digital marketing strategy. Not every organisation knows the power of Email marketing. It can do wonders for your business if planned and implemented correctly. You can use it for multiple purposes like lead generation, promoting your business, communicating with your audience, telling your audience about offers and discounts. What else do you want? So many things, and the best part about using email marketing is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on it.

With the Past covid-19 scenario, email marketing has once again become a popular strategy for every business. It once again has become one of the most crucial tools for communicating with the audience and engagement. With the steady increase in the online population, there is even more need to connect your business with the digital world. And, email marketing, without a doubt, is one of the best ways of doing it. Email marketing works best with the covid-19 situation as most people work from home and have to keep a keen eye on their emails. They can’t ignore them. 

Emails have a giant reach. They can reach thousands of people with a single click. You just have to draft an email and send it. It is that easy. But the field of email marketing keeps on changing like other fields. It is no different. Keeping up with these changes gets hard. But at the same time, if you know about some changes in advance, it not only provides you with a first-mover advantage but also helps you manage those changes.

As we move further, we notice several changes. That is why draft a strategy, try to Implement it properly and see the results. Always try to be on top of your competitors and be prepared with 2-3 strategies that you know will work best for your business. Below is the list of Emerging Trends in Email Marketing mentioned to provide you with a first-mover advantage. Check out!

Emerging trends in email marketing:

1) Use user-generated content:

Practising user-generated content in email marketing is the best means to boost organic traffic and generate more customers. People trust the company more if they see a positive review about that company from someone else. The chances of them converting into potential customers increases then. 

You can use all the user-generated content for free and add it to some template. You can also add polls, reviews, pictures of your product used by a customer with an attractive call to action.

2) Try to send personalized messages:

Try to add some personalization to your emails. Customers love if they are valued by the company, they feel important. One of the biggest challenges in email marketing is that it lacks that personal touch due to the automated replies. The key trend to follow in email marketing is to add that personal touch to your emails. 

Try sending emails only to your targeted audience rather than everyone. Keep a check on your audience preferences and behaviour, and then create an email accordingly. 

3) Use of Artificial intelligence in email marketing:

Artificial intelligence is a confusing concept for everyone, be it newcomers or be it, professionals. The fact is, there’s enormous data available online than any marketer could ever handle and prepare, even if they practised superior technology and edge-cutting software. Contrarily, AI is proficient in dealing with this task with the least effort involved.

AI can be used for multiple things like creating email subject lines, sending times, surveying etc. 

4) Create attractive emails:

Interactive emails help to increase traffic and boost engagement. Attractive emails appeal to everyone. You can make your emails more attractive by adding images, gifs, videos, surveys, call to action, etc. Attractive emails also help to improve your customer experience and engage them. 

5) Focus on privacy:

Customers are aware of their privacy the most and are more conscious of their data being used. You have to stretch beyond supporting PCI and being GDPR obedient to win their confidence and support. Make privacy the focus of all your email campaigns to assure you are fulfilling their expectations.

It means regularly examining enactment surrounding data privacy and continuing to be honest with clients. Use your emails to notify consumers of any future modifications to data privacy and highlight how you are guarding their data. This will also improve your business ethics in a favourable light.

6) Use catchy subject lines:

The first thing that a consumer will see is your subject line. That is why using an eye-catching and unique subject line is crucial. The subject line makes the first impression of your emails, and making the first impression is very important. Every consumer opens emails based on the subject line only. If they find it attractive, they will open it, otherwise, they will ignore it. 

7) Customer appreciation emails:

Appreciating your customers will always stay in trend. Praising your customers never goes out of style. By sending appreciative emails to your customers, they feel loved, important and valuable. By doing this, you are taking a step toward making lifelong relations with them. You can send birthday wishes, thank you for shopping emails, some offers and discounts. 

These are the emerging trends in email marketing. We all can say that the year 2022 will be full of competition, new changes, challenges and everything. Try to be in touch with these changes and challenges, otherwise, you will lag behind the competition. Use these trends and get the first-mover advantage by drafting your strategies now. 

Still, got a problem? No worries. Contact us at Hirola Infotech solutions and get rid of all your problems. We have experts with years of experience in email marketing. They will be happy to help you. They will make the best email marketing strategies that will complement your business and provide you with the best results. 

Thank you! 

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