Emerging Trends in SEO 

Emerging trends in SEO
Emerging trends in SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most effective way to attract new and organic customers to the website if you use the right strategies. The field of digital marketing is evolving, constantly and so is SEO. SEO strategies change from time to time just, like google algorithms. 

Despite what several have listened to, It is not falling. It is evolving. It is here to stay, but that doesn’t ensure what you know of SEO strategies now will be identical as you will witness across the following few years. That’s why it’s crucial to stay in touch with trends and understand what Google will be throwing at you in the coming years. Staying on top of the search engines with these changes gets very tough as you have to improve your strategies with the changing trends. 

To perform SEO activities actively, you need to pay attention to details – traffic, social shares, backlinks, blog views, link clicks, business listings, social bookmarking and more. To get more new and organic traffic, you need to rank on the first page of the search engines. And that’s where you require SEO. Though, SEO is steadily growing. We have made a list of emerging trends in SEO that will come in handy for your business to stay on top of the search engines without any hindrances. They are as follows:

Emerging Trends in SEO:

1) Core web vitals and Page speed:

Earlier in 2020, Google announced three new metrics, such as core web vitals. It is used for measuring the consumer experience as Largest contentful paint (loading), First input delay (interactivity) and Cumulative layout shift (stability). All of these three SEO metrics are related to one thing that is the Page speed. How does the page load, how stable it is, and how soon it gets interactive. It means that page speed will play a crucial role in ranking your website, and you must pay attention to it.

It was applied to assure a great customer experience, and the customer should not leave the page due to a bad experience. It means that you have to pay heavy consideration to rank on search engines. 

2) Customer focus:

The approach towards a successful SEO strategy is that what is best for your customers is best for SEO. Google wants to give its customers the most satisfying user experience. Whenever the user searches for something, he/she should get the relevant searches. The user must feel satisfied, and if they are satisfied, they will come next time searching for you. 

Put yourself in your user’s shoes and ask yourself if the content that you were looking for in the website is valuable, informational, and trusting, then won’t you be coming back on that website? Of course, you will. 

You must add something useful and relevant for your users so that they keep on coming back to you. It will help you in getting loyal users to your website constantly. It will further help in ranking also.

3) Mobile SEO:

The most stunning trend nowadays is mobile SEO. You must make sure that the website you have made is mobile friendly. Most people make most of their exploring by mobile phones. Google will eventually begin to focus on mobile SEO as compared to desktop/computer SEO. Because Google focuses on users’ needs. The majority of people explore search engines using their mobile phones. So your rankings might go abysmal.

If you’re performing SEO for desktops/computers and not for mobile phones, undoubtedly, your desktop/computer ranking may be increasing, but your mobile ranking could be wretched. Concentrating on mobile SEO is also crucial and is simply continuing to enhance. So, it’s high time to start working on mobile SEO as well.

4) Search intent:

When you write a new piece of content for your website, you must be concentrating more on the search engine results page (SERP) rather than google search console, semrush or any other tool. The search engine page will show you what your audience is looking for more. Google will tell you your users’ searching intent. It will give you an idea of what content you must create and not create. It will tell you what your customers are hunting for, and you must try to write content that they are steadily looking for. By approaching those needs you get a chance to increase your conversion rate. The purpose of SEO is not just to get higher traffic to your website. It should also specialise in increasing leads and profits for your business. 

If you don’t consider your audience search intent, there is a high possibility that you will fall behind the rankings of search engines. 

5) Change quickly:

The field of SEO is changing persistently. Google updates its algorithms time-to-time, and you must keep in touch with those changes to stay in the competition. If you are not able to change with time and adapt to these changes quickly, you fall out of the competition. In the coming years, you must think differently to stay at the top and in competition. You will have to plan for more strategic SEO implementation keeping in mind your audience search intent. You can use tools, google trends to see what customers are looking for and implement your strategies focusing on them.

6) Voice search:

Voice searching undoubtedly is going to transform the way people interact with search engines. Most people search using voice search features. Sometimes, the problems that customers are looking for are big, and you don’t feel like typing for it. This is where voice search technology is beneficial. You can just ask your query instead of typing it and get instant results. Voice search is evolving with time, and it will continue to grow in the coming years as well. It will play an important role in ranking search engines.

7) Video marketing:

Youtube after Google is the second most popular used search engine network. It is used by a population of 1 billion people. So, if you aren’t into video marketing, it is time to start using it. You can start by creating a youtube channel, add a name to your page and description. The description should not be too long. It should be enough that it covers your business services. You can upload videos with enchanting titles. You should add keywords in all the titles and descriptions so that it ranks fast.

8) Content quality:

Quality plays an important role in content marketing. You must add content that is relevant and informational for the users. It should not be plagiarised. It should be within the limits stated by google to rank it. You must write original and unique content for your website.

You should add content to your website that stays relevant even in future. You can add some educational and inspirational blogs and articles that stay in trend even after a long time.

9) Keyword marketing:

Keyword marketing is an essential element of SEO. It helps in getting your website ranked faster. Without targeting any keyword, it is tough to rank your website. You must use keywords in your titles, descriptions, image tags, URLs, heading, etc. Keywords help the audience to find their queries easily on the search engines. They also tell you about what your audience is looking and searching for. You must pick the right keywords to rank effectively on the search engines.


These are the emerging trends in SEO. Well, that’s a great list of SEO trends that can be a complete game-changer for your business. Perform these trends and get a premium edge over your competitors.  It might consume a lot of time to execute all of them but once when you do it. You will start to feel the difference. You will begin to see growth in your website traffic, better website ranking, more conversions and click rate.

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