Emerging Trends in Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Emerging trends in SMM
Emerging trends in SMM

Social media has managed to become an essential element of our lives. People are habitual of using it so much that the first thing they do after getting up is to open their social media accounts. Check other people’s stories or post something. 

It was initially started as the medium to stay connected with your friends and families. It was considered as a method to make new friends or to interact with them. No one looked at it as a channel that would help businesses to grow and touch new heights. 

But within a short period, it has managed to be a medium that helps businesses grow and expand. It serves as a tool that connects brands with their audience/customers. It helps to reach more people and make them aware of your business. 

Social media is one of the trouble-free methods that can help businesses to grow. You can start to grow your business without making any investment. The best thing about social media is that we have all used it. So, managing it sort of becomes easy for us, as we already know how to use it. 

But using it for your business is different as, to begin with, you will have to choose the right platform for your business like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Once after picking a suitable channel, you will have to find a target audience for your business. Make the best strategies as social media marketing is highly competitive. If you want to compete, you will have to make a unique identity for your brand. You will have to be in touch with all the changes and the trends that are evolving.  It can be difficult for you to attain your goals if you are falling behind the trends. 

Staying renewed on the freshest social media trends can boost your strategies and make you attain your goals like never before. Here is a list of social media trends that you will need to be aware of for the coming years.

Emerging trends in Social media marketing:

1) Growth of Live video sessions:

Undoubtedly live videos have become a popular aspect of social media marketing, and they will continue to grow in the following years. Most businesses use live videos to connect with their customers. It’s like a chit-chat session between the brands and their customers.

It serves as a two-way communication street. It’s a way to talk with your customers over live sessions. By conducting live sessions, you can solve their queries or take their feedback. You can have fun gaming sessions. It’s a great way to bond with your customers and make a healthy impression on them.

2) Video content and reels will rule over the feeds:

Video marketing has always been popular in social media. It always had a ruling effect over social media. 92% of the people watch videos and share them with other people as well. Videos generate more revenues for your business as compared to image posts. Plus, they deliver a complete message of the products and services that you are offering. 

Videos, as compared to classic image posts, promise more reach and growth for your business. More than half of the audience using social media platforms want to view video content. 

Reels launched last year by Instagram have managed to gain a ton of popularity in a short time. It’s the key mantra to gain your followers effectively within a few months. It has the best reach. If you are adding reels to your business page, you just stay relaxed as it’s the best way to grow your business.

3) Stories will remain popular and in trend:

You might have heard about Snapchat stories, Instagram stories, Facebook stories and Whatsapp stories, but have you heard about Youtube stories? No, Youtube also has this story feature. Stories are a sort of news feed but in a more visual sort of way rather than the text ones. This story concept was initially started by Snapchat, where you can put short videos or images in your stories that last just for 24 hours. Now every other social media platform has this concept. There is this additional feature in Instagram, where you can highlight your story if you want to show it on the top of your page. 

Stories will always remain in trend as they increase faster than the feeds. It is the perfect way to engage with your customers or to announce something. You can have poll sessions or questions and answer sessions on your stories. If you have to show your top game, you will have to start using social media stories and add very enchanting content to them so that you stay in the competition. They will be growing more in the coming years. 

4) Growth of Influencer marketing:

Influencer marketing is certainly not a brand-new trend. It’s an existing trend. It is a way of connecting your brand or business with influencers having an immense fan following and engagement rate. 

Collaborating with influencers leads to multiple benefits like increasing your followers, brand awareness and sales. The reason behind the success of collaborating with influencer marketing is that people already trust them. Once you collaborate with the influencers, people start to connect with you. 

Social media is the influencer’s empire, and the beauty of it is that you don’t have to be a large company with big budgets to use its privileges. Small and medium corporations with limited funds can also use the power of influencer marketing by connecting with micro-influencers who have a follower count of more than 1000. They may have less follower count but check engagement rate. Sometimes these micro-influencers get the best engagement rates. 

5) Expansion of social commerce:

With the social media market steadily modifying to improve the user experience, we’re seeing more enhanced specialities and tools that encourage fast and easy buying facilities. Instagram, for example, enables you to add product tags and allow secure checkout without leaving the platform. On Facebook, you can make up a business Shop that customers can look at and purchase immediately on that platform.

With the increasing growth of social media commerce, businesses can increase their profits by selling their services on social media platforms. The benefit of using social media commerce is that the customers don’t have to go and look for the product over the website, they can easily buy it from that page only. It will save them their time and effort. 

6) Use of voice messages in personal messages:

Instagram has this feature where you can send your voice messages directly to your user account. It will help to reach people emotionally. You can make them feel related to your company. 

Businesses can take few minutes and message their new and existing followers to thank them for buying the product or choosing your brand. You can send a voice message thanking them for following you. It will help you in building relations with your customers. 

7) Use social media for customer service:

Social media is an old medium to connect and communicate with people. But it can be used as a medium for providing the best customer service to the people. Everyone expects quick and instant replies to their queries and problems. With social media, it’s easy. You can easily respond to your customer’s problems and doubts.

We believe that there will be a growth in the use of social media platforms for customer service queries in the following years.  

8) Growth of groups:

There are plenty of engagement groups on social media platforms that help to connect and reach more people. Adding your business to these social media groups not only provides you with feedback on your products or services. But it also helps your business to get an additional engagement. 

These are the emerging trends that will take place in social media marketing in the coming years. Social media is a vibrant and competing space, and these trends can assist you in your social media game. So, keep an eye on the newest improvements and apply them to your social media strategies.

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