How to grow your business on Instagram?

How to Grow Business On Instagram

Instagram may have been famous for travel and food photography in the past. But these days, it has moved to an entirely different level. It now has more than 800 million active users monthly. 

Social media marketing is crucial for every business, be it small, large or medium. There is a large base of potential customers online that any business would not want to miss. 

Instagram is a great platform and marketing tool if used properly. Though it has seen massive growth and is very popular, it is still easy to increase your followers count and reach your target audience organically.

There is no step-by-step guide for how to use Instagram and how to increase followers on Instagram. But there are some best practices that help you get a wider reach and gain new followers.

Here’s a list on how to grow your business on Instagram:

1) Enhance your Bio:

Instagram bio allows you to describe your business in 150 characters. You better make the most of them. Your Instagram bio describes who you are, what you do, what is your specialisation. It should include:

A clear image of what you do

Reflects your personality

Call to action like contact us, read more, etc.

A link to your business website

This will help your potential customers to gain more knowledge about your business and yourself.

2) Content should be unique:

The content that you are posting should be different from other people or your competitors in order for you to have new followers. It should be relevant to your business and it should not be misleading. It should be attractive and engaging to your potential customers.

3) Post your content daily:

If you are a new brand it’s highly recommendable that you should post content daily and consistently. You should post at least 1 post a day. You can also make a social media calendar for consistent postings. You can make an excel sheet or some free social media calendar tools like Hootsuite.

Businesses with regular postings seem to have a better brand image than irregular ones. Profiles that post regularly have more followers. But always keep in mind that quantity should not hamper the quality. Quality is more important than quantity.

4) Use of hashtags:

Your biggest goal is to engage with your current audience and gain real followers. But the use of hashtags in the photos or videos is also important. The use of hashtags in the pictures makes it easy for people to find you as they search for specific terms. So which hashtags should you use? or how many hashtags should you use? You should use approximately 30 relevant hashtags and you can get the hashtags by some free hashtag finder tools such as hashtagify,, inflact, etc. If you use popular hashtags, you might be able to reach a new audience. 

5) Use of Instagram insights:

Instagram has this amazing feature Insights. You can find the total number of reach, how many persons have clicked to that post, how many new followers you have gained, how many unfollowed you. It will show your overall performance on the page. You can also find your best performing post. 

6) You can run Ads:

If you want to increase your followers quickly and you have the budget, you can run ads on some of your posts. Running Instagram ads are not very expensive and they get you a wider reach of the market. It will help you get new leads and followers quickly. You can run an Instagram ad by clicking on a promotion that comes under your post. Then you can choose your target audience, choose the budget and run the ad.

7) Use Instagram live and stories:

You can get a chance to engage with your followers by going live on Instagram. You can interact with your existing followers there. You can tell them the stories about your business, product/service that you deal in, solve their queries, and play with them. You can also add stories and highlight them. 

8) Be quick, Reply quickly:

If someone has messaged you regarding the product/service you should be quick in replying to that. You should provide them with details, solve their queries soon. It leaves them with a very good impression of your business. 

9) You should be engaging:

If someone likes, comments and follows your page you should thank them. You should try to like or reply to all your comments. So that your followers feel that you are interacting with them. You should upload content that your followers want you to. 

10) Provide offers:

You should come up with some sort of attractive giveaways and offers for your followers. Providing offers usually leads to gaining a ton of followers. 

11) Collaborate with influencers:

You can collaborate with influencers who have plenty of followers. You can ask them to mention your business page on their profile so that their followers also follow you. 

Don’t spend your money on buying thousands of fake followers. As social media is about building a relationship with other people. It’s about honesty and loyalty. 

If you want to grow your Instagram you’ll have to post your content daily. Social media for business is more strategic as compared to personal ones. All of the above methods will help you gain followers and grow your business on Instagram. Staying on top of social media is not easy. You have to plan and schedule your content accordingly.

With hirola, you can manage every part of your Instagram marketing. If you want to know more about how to grow your business on Instagram contact us today!

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