How to pick the right keywords for your website

How to choose the perfect keywords for your website
How to choose the perfect keywords for your website

When it comes to ranking a website, Search engine optimization is considered an essential element. And while searching for it, you may discover that keywords play a critical role in SEO strategy implementation. The right keywords in your website make sure that people who are looking for you find you easily. Keywords make searches easy.   

Keywords are crucial for your website to rank also. But if you are new to the concept of keywords, then we have you all covered here.

Let’s start with understanding the concept of keywords:

Keywords are the words or topics entered by the people on the search engines when looking or searching for that particular topic online. There’s a myth that the keyword has to be of a single/one word but it is not correct. You can use multiple words and combine them.

For example, If you want to get your business a digital marketing agency. You can try searching these terms like digital marketing agencies near me or the best digital marketing company in India. 

Choosing the right keywords is not just one of the crucial elements in SEO. But, it helps in increasing your website ranking. Picking the perfect keywords for your website requires research and can be a little time-consuming. But once you get the results, it’s all worthwhile. 

Types of Keywords:

There are multiple kinds of keywords such as:

1) Short tail keyword:

Short tail keywords are also referred to as head keywords. As the name suggests, they are short and made from 3 or fewer words. They have a huge search volume but they are highly competitive also. It is difficult to rank on such keywords.

2) Long tail keyword:

Long-tail keywords are made from 3 or more words. They are more specific. Long-tail keywords have a smaller search volume and the competition is also fewer than short-tail keywords. It is easy to rank your website on these keywords.

3) Fresh keywords:

Fresh keywords are the words that are hyped recently. The main thing with fresh keywords is that their searches are on peak only when they are in trend other than that their search volume falls. They are beneficial for engaging the audience and can bring some new audience also.

4) Evergreen Keyword:

Evergreen keywords are those that are informational and related all the time. Their search volume keeps on changing but they are still in trend always. Even after years, the users will continue to search and read for these terms. 

5) Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Keyword:

These are related to your primary keywords. 

For example, if your main keyword is honey, the LSI keyword would be honey tea, organic honey, honey nutritions etc.

Importance of Keywords:

1) Keywords are hints:

Keywords are important because they give us hints of what people are looking for and who they are. By searching for the terms, they allow us to meet their requirements and demands. They allow us to provide them with the information that they are looking for.

2) Keywords are like aiming for particular content:

Keywords help in directing towards writing content that the audience is looking for and searching for. It helps in creating valuable and useful content for the customers. 

3) Organic traffic:

Selecting the perfect keywords helps in fighting half of the battle when it comes to generating organic traffic for your website. You can increase your traffic count by adding relevant keywords to your website.

Keyword research helps you know how your target market represents your products or services. It also shows you how customers ask for more data on your topics when using a search engine. Provided with these words and topics, you can catch up with ideas for new content. Keywords can increase your possibility of displaying up on page 1 of the search engines. 

Selecting the keywords for the first time? Feel no more pressure. 

Here’s how you can pick the right keywords for your website:

1) Imagine like your customers:

To begin with, make a list of your targeted audience and get yourself in your customer’s shoes while creating a list for picking the right keywords. Then, question yourself that if the customer was you then, what would you be looking for while looking or searching for that product or service. 

You can also ask your family or your friends if they were looking for the product or services that you are dealing in, what terms would they be searching for? It will help in giving you clarity and ideas for choosing the keywords.

2) Do a competitor analysis:

While picking keywords for your website, you can analyze your competitor’s website and check what keywords they are using or ranking on. By looking at your competitor’s website, you will just not remember what you are forgetting. But also provide you with tons of new keyword ideas for your website. 

3) Long-tail keywords:

Long-tail keywords are the combinations of two to three or more than two to three words. The benefit of using long-tail keywords is that they have low competition and attract more traffic to your website. They are easy to rank in comparison with other keyword types. They also help to define your product or service better than any short keywords. 

4) Keywords research tool:

There are plenty of keyword research tools available in the market that provide the best keywords results. Some of them offer paid versions but some of them are also free. You can use tools like google keyword planner, semrush, ahrefs, etc. 

But we would recommend you to use google keyword planner as it is one of the most popular and free tools.

There are multiple benefits of choosing keyword research tools like you get a list full of keywords. You get to see their competition level, search level, ad budget and suggested keywords, topics or phrases. 

5) Choose the keywords:

You should pick the keyword that has an average monthly search of more than 10k. And the competition for that keyword is low to medium. Selecting a keyword with high competition makes ranking difficult as compared with the low and medium ones. 

6) Examine the keywords:

After selecting the keywords, don’t forget to observe and examine their results. Try to add keywords everywhere on your website as well as on social media platforms. You can add keywords in your titles, descriptions, headings, URLs and the main content body. The more keywords you use, the easy it is for your audience to find your website or business. It improves the possibility of increasing your website ranking on search engines. 

How to effectively add keywords to your website:

1) Add keywords in Titles and Descriptions:

Titles and descriptions appear when someone searches for the keywords. You must add your keywords in the titles and descriptions to see the best results for your website. 

Your title should be more than 30 characters and not more than 60 characters. 

The description should be around 55 to 160 characters.

2) Keyword density:

The keywords should be there in the content. They should be used around 0.5% to 2.5% of the total word count. Keywords should not be used more than 2.5%. Adding keywords in your content is a good practice but, you should not use them repeatedly. You can focus on ranking a long tail keyword and a few other keywords. That would do the work.

3) Keyword proximity:

Keywords work better when their words are placed together and not distantly. You must keep all the words of the keywords together to get them ranked effectively.

4) Add keywords in the image tags:

Adding keywords to your image helps in optimizing the images and brings more traffic to your website. It means to give the name to the file, add the keyword in the name. It helps in explaining what the image is about. 

With the right keywords, you can instantly reach your possible customers. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience while selecting the keywords. Think of what you will search for as a customer while looking for something online.

This is the trick to get the perfect keyword.

So, using all the points stated above, begin with your keyword research today and increase your position in search engines. If you have any hindrances on the way, don’t forget to contact us at Hirola Infotech Solutions top digital marketing company in India. We have a team full of experts that will help to find your business with the best keywords. Keywords that will show guaranteed results and rank your website.  

Thank you!

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