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Measuring Monitoring, And Managing The Online Health Of Your Brand

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    What’s Included?

    What's Included In Our
    Online Reputation Management?

    What is driving business value and user sentiment online for brands? Finding the answer to this question is critical to address any online reputation concerns for businesses. Hirola Infotech Solutions offers comprehensive brand analysis services/ ORM services in India to all clients in order to identify the gaps in their presence and continuously evaluate the brand’s positioning from time to time.Competitor benchmarking enables us to establish key areas where a brand can strengthen its reputation, while the most advanced social listening and monitoring tools give us access to qualitative insights on brand sentiment, audience perception and more.

    • Reputation And Brand Analysis

      A business needs to review its reputation as well as the brand value on a periodic basis so that it can work on improving them. At Orange Mantra, we initiate the ORM process by examining your brand reputation, its market positioning, and the competition you have. In the case of a reputation attack, we investigate untraceable threats and attackers for you. Our cyber investigative techniques include data cross-indexing and email tracing.

    • Strategy Development

      ORM is not just about being reactive and countering an attack on the business reputation. A sound strategy also includes a proactive approach that ensures that damage is not inflicted in the first place. As a part of our Online Reputation Management Services, we frame a fool-proof strategy that utilises the existing online resources to enhance the visibility as well as the reputation of the brand.

    • ORM Implementation

      Once the strategy is chalked out, it has to be put into action to protect or restore the brand reputation as the need may be. Our experts combine effective ideas such as aggressive SEO for marketing of positive content, publishing optimized press releases, posting positive customer reviews on popular review sites, and negative review removal. We employ a counter-propaganda to deal with any negative reviews and defamatory remarks.

    • Online Branding

      By availing these services, you can protect your brand against false complaints, online slander, and misinformation. At the same time, we make sure that we help you build a strong, credible, and effective brand image. We also optimize your brand positioning and reputation on search engines as well as social media platforms.

    • Online Reputation Monitoring

      ORM goes beyond creation and management of the brand reputation as it encompasses the monitoring of the reputation too. We continuously monitor the web and online conversations that relate to your brand and alert you as soon as we notice any issues that need to be addressed. We also assist you in drafting response where required.

    • Reporting

      Reporting is a significant element of the entire ORM cycle as it indicates the efficacy of the campaign. We provide comprehensive reports as a part of our reputation management services so that you can track the progress of the campaign. The report includes the entire performance metrics that empower you with complete knowledge to validate the services we give.

    What Clients Say

    Marketing Manager - Dubai

    Satish Kumar
    Managing Partner - Hyderabad

    Kunal Jain
    CEO - Gujarat

    The experience of working with Hirola Infotech, was a wonderful one. They have a passionate, responsible and competent team, very thoughtful and hardworking, and always reliable in delivering the results. We treat each other as business partners, rather than just clients.

    Our Process

    We’ve created a roadmap for working with companies in a way that effectively executes a solid ORM to your brand.

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      It is commonly stated planning is the bridge between where we are now and where we’d like to go. We assist in creating plans for your business for more attention. Making plans for strategy, content, promotions that can help you achieve amazing results in a timely and cost-effective way.

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      Reputation Survey

      Without a survey, you can’t determine the issue or need that a potential customer has with your brand. We, at Hirola, can assist you to create successful surveys for your brand, so that it can increase its reputation day by day.

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      Positive Comments/Feedback

      Through promoting your brand’s image to people who are keen on your brand can assist to get positive feedback or Comments on the brand profiles or Social Media profiles related to your product.

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      Reduce Negative Comments

      We can assist you reduce your negative feedback by taking care to manage your reviews. For instance: If your company has a negative review on Google First, we will determine whether it’s genuine or was a fake account by asking the person to provide receipts or transactional numbers.

    Why Hirola’s ORM-Online Reputation Management Services are Extraordinary!

    Online Reputation Management Agency in India

    Online reputation management (ORM) is when you deal with any negative or fake reviews or remarks you have displayed on the notifications of your online platforms such as the social networks, Google My Business, and so on. ORM mostly works by responding to negative comments from customers on the internet and responding to media stories.

    Why Do You Need ORM?

    Your online reputation decides what people think of your company when they seek or locate it on the internet. Hence, online reputation management (ORM) is proactively influencing the information users find.

    There are many strategies and methods that can assist you in combating negative feedback from the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) by addressing them with appropriate communications and prompt replies to clients. ORM is not only about regulating content on web crawlers, but also to assist

    You can increase your online credibility. Additionally, it is about managing negative reviews about your business and encouraging customers to share most reliable information.You only require ORM in order to be first within your niche or industry or to gain a competitive advantage, or to earn greater profits, etc.

    How Is Reputation Management Different From PR?

    The two, Public Relation (PR) and Online Reputation look similar however they are different, since ORM focuses on technology driven content while PR focuses on relationship-based marketing. it is also more forward-looking in contrast to ORM is a back-end process.

    PR firms operate from a distance by advertising and media projects. Typically, it is a proactive approach to protect imprints, rather than limiting attacks on companies. The reputation online of the board is, however, usually sensitive. It includes detecting and addressing potentially damaging information from other organisations or individuals. The majority of the work into ORM is overseen by internal brands, not by an outside company.


    Online brand reputation management is all about securing and restoring the proper standing of the brand’s name in front of the customers. The key is to manage online conversations, references and feedbacks which strengthen the company’s brand message and enhances prospective customer’s confidence and trust in the brand and augments profitability. An active profile and value-added image are essential to push strong brand message.

    What happens online does have its roots linked to what happens offline; like – a complaint not being addressed properly will lead to the virtual rumor mill. So, it is important that such issues are handled and addressed instantly to the core.

    Hirola InfoTech  Monitors, Understands, Prepare & Grand Image.

    Just like we care about our individual value, we deliver the same philosophy to our clients and customers – Challenging complaints and negative reviews on several sources and creating positive threads which protect a brand’s image.

    • Monitor extensively – We listen, read what people are talking about your brand.
    • Diffuse crisis situation – We find what bothers the customer and take immediate action to rectify those perceptions.
    • Respond / challenge negative comments – We keep an eye on who says and what, react instantly to any negative feedback; politely address the issues, clear the air and portray the righteous image of the brand.


    Would you like to see some of our projects? Perhaps you want to rebrand your site.? Let us know your requirements for your website and we’ll build it for you! Send us an email at. Call us on 9916113646 today!

    Hirola offers you with the top Online Reputation Management Services India

    Helps in Maintaining Your Brand Reputation

    Hirola aids to maintain your brand’s image by effectively promoting it across different channels or creating backlinks that are effective to boost your brand’s visibility, and assist you in maintaining the the best reputation for your brand. Reputation.

    Make your profile more popular on social media

    We first analyze your brand’s requirements, and then focus with you to implement the best ways to create online. Your brand will be able to present your image. We concentrate on the best strategies to enhance your brand’s image in the digital age.

    Making Public Relations

    It is the most crucial job for any brand since the reputation of a brand is defined by the way they interact with customers or other people. are experts in how to communicate effectively with your customers and can help you generate greater leads and increase sales through engaging with the right people and at the right moment.


    By using Online Reputation Management, we can help you gain more engagement as well as more leads, which will lead to more sales simply by promoting your business on different channels, including the social networks, Google, etc.

    ORM FAQ’s

    What is Online Reputation Management?

    Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the procedure of increasing and improving the reputation of a brand or personal value through the management and use of marketing, public relations, as well as SEO (SEO) methods that create positive brand value for the brand/business or personal reputation of an individual.

    What can you do to fix a negative reputation?

    Create quality information! The best method to do this is to flood the internet with quality and unique content, which will eventually take poor links off the first page of results. You can try to get rid of negative content, images and links. In general, the most effective approach is to create specific useful and relevant material, including blog posts, videos and images. However, the most important thing is to identify the top platforms to write on.

    What is the reason a strong online reputation is essential?

    The Internet provides the initial impression, and when people don’t have the time to look for ideas, they simply open Google. Maybe, the first thing that people do after speaking to you over the phone or shortly after meeting you is to conduct a Google search. A bad search could damage you and your business very quickly. In reality, having no name can make your customers look elsewhere!

    What are the lines that attack against an online reputation?

    There are a variety of ways for someone to write negative reviews about your company and you on blogs, complaints websites and forums on the internet. They are extremely effective. There are also some innovative methods to ruin reputations. A dissatisfied client or fired employee can at times register a domain to share negative information and then it appears on search engines.

    What happens when someone posts negative reviews?

    In reality, it could be a real hazard when it appears in the top results of Google. There are numerous attorneys, small business owners, film production companies or anyone else who could not carry on their careers and suffered a massive loss – because of a negative review written about them.

    How can we improve our reputation? Best ways to enhance our image?

    The most effective way to start is to start an online blog and begin spreading the word through writing about topics that readers or viewers are interested in, such as the latest innovations happening within your field and FAQs. Additionally, be active on social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and others.

    If something bad happens online, is it forever?

    Conclusively, yes! It’s really impossible to eradicate, but always attempt to reduce. Nearly 1/3 of users on the internet don’t change away from the initial page, but pushing the harmful information onto the third or second page is a sure way to make it disappear.

    Does this sound like an appropriate way to be off due to bad publicity?

    Refraining from using the Internet is not a good idea since it makes you a victim. If you post something that is negative on the internet, it will show up in Google search results, which isn’t good for your online image. The most effective thing you can do is to protect your brand name and reputation and control your business’s identity and maintain the positive image of your business. There aren’t any easy methods to protect your brand – concentrate on content that is written well.

    What is the time it will take to fix?

    It is usually an ongoing process that can take up to six months. Google is constantly changing their algorithm and there is no shortcut button that you can push and see quick results. It’s all about dedication.

    What will it cost you?

    The cost is reasonable and you must decide if you would like to keep your business going or not. Many people realize that it’s better to restore their image instead of shutting down the business.