Organic Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

Ways to get organic traffic for your website
Ways to get organic traffic for your website

Does getting on top of the search engines and gaining organic traffic to your website feel like a scattered dream? Don’t worry! We’ll make it possible. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the answer. SEO is the process of improving the quality of your website and helps in increasing the visibility of your website. It helps in getting you ranked organically on the top of the search engines and helps in gaining more traffic for your website.

Let us first understand what website traffic is?

Website traffic is the total number of people that visit your website. Google Analytics helps you in telling all the traffic that comes to your website. It also shows the number of times that person has visited your website or has left the website. 

The aim of getting more traffic to your website is that you get a chance to convert them into users. You can contact the top digital companies in Bangalore to make this possible.

It is the most difficult to generate organic traffic for your website. It’s amongst the toughest tasks to do. You can also gain new traffic by running ads on google and social media platforms. But the traffic and the results you get from them is temporary. But what about when you stop paying for it. Your ranking and traffic generation will also stop. The result you get from them is short-term. 

Organic traffic will provide you with long-term results. The content you will post on your website and the practices you would use today will show you the results tomorrow and after that.

Getting organic traffic for your website is very beneficial because:

  • Cost-saving: 

One of the main advantages of getting organic traffic is that you get to save the cost that incurs on getting paid traffic. Paying for advertising can be very expensive, and when you stop paying, you will also stop seeing the results.

  • Long-term results:

You get long-term results by generating organic traffic for your website whereas, the results you get from paid traffic are just for a shorter period. You will stop getting the traffic when you stop paying for it. But with organic traffic, you will see the results for months and years.

  • Competitive edge:

When you start investing more time and making more efforts towards gaining organic traffic, you can rank better on search engine platforms. Handing you a competitive edge over your opponents. While they are focusing and playing on high competition keywords, you focus on low and medium competition keywords and get an opportunity to rank better on search engines. 

  • Regular and engaged visitors:

Organic traffic helps you get regular and engaged visitors because they have come to your website by themselves and not by promotion. Paid traffic comes just one time to your website and they come frequently only when they like your content. 

  • High Credibility:

Organic traffic gives you higher credibility as compared with paid traffic. Most users don’t click on the sponsored ads or the paid results. They usually ignore the paid results and go to the top results. The customers look for the best and the relevant information suitable for them. 

You can either use paid ways to increase your website traffic or organic ways. But, Which one wins in the battle? I’d put my capital of organic traffic. As appealing as it is to see a quick rush in traffic from an efficient PPC campaign, I’d take sustainability over a temporary win any day. 

Traffic or audience is the lifeblood of any business. Getting the eyes of your targeted audience on your website is not very easy. It is very troublesome. To make it easy you can get in touch with the top digital marketing company Bangalore.  But, the good news is that you have numerous organic ways to increase website traffic. These are as follows:

Organic Ways to Increase Website Traffic:

1) Find the perfect keywords:

When you are starting, you must find the relevant keywords that are a perfect match for your website. You can use tools like keywords everywhere or google keyword planner. Or you can get in contact with a top digital marketing company in Bangalore.

In the beginning, you should focus on the keywords with average monthly searches of more than 10,000 with low competition. After some time, you can move on to keywords that have a high competition level. 

2) Make a blog and Add it regularly:

You can increase your website traffic by making a blog page. You can add all the information that the users are looking for or add about your company’s products/services. 

Adding blogs to the website is one of the effective ways to increase organic traffic for your website. Add blogs to your website regularly. But, not the ones that are copied from somewhere else. 

3) Add new and appealing content:

Appealing content is the key to essential SEO practices and the best way to engage with your customers. You need to add new, fresh, unique and crisp content that is interesting enough that whoever comes to your website stays there. Keep on adding new sections to your website and removing the old ones. 

You can add photos and videos to your website to make it more interesting. The content that you are adding to your website must be relevant and informational. It should be of worth to your viewers. 

4) Add eye-catching headlines, titles and descriptions:

When users search for something they are looking for, your headings, titles and, descriptions should be so eye-catching that they are forced to click on that heading. If you are not adding engaging headings, titles and descriptions then, you are missing out on this opportunity to increase your organic traffic.

5) Share your website on all your social media platforms:

If you wholly depend on SEO strategies to increase your website traffic, you are missing out on so many opportunities to increase your traffic. Like sharing it on social media platforms. 

Many people consume their time on social media platforms. The only way to get these people to your website is by sharing your website on multiple social media platforms. So that they get to know that you exist. 

6) Build backlinks:

Backlink building is a critical element of SEO. It helps in better ranking when an external website links with your website. It tells Google that your website is reliable and not a scam. It helps in getting you traffic from their website also.

7) Add the long-tail keywords:

While using short keywords it is also essential to pay attention to the long-tail keywords. These keywords are more specific and they have much less competition than the shorter ones. Which makes it easier to rank. 

8) Website speed:

Pay attention to your website speed. It should be fast and not slow. It should not take time to load. Make sure your website pages, pictures and videos are optimized. Users do not like to wait or use slow websites.

9) Internal links:

Once you have added enough blogs and content to your website, you can link your website pages within your website. This can keep the viewers on your website for a long time.

10) Contests and Giveaways:

If you keep on hosting contests and giveaways, you will increase your organic traffic quickly. Users are keen on getting free rewards and gifts. Your customers will keep on getting back to you.

11) Use Email-marketing:

You can use email marketing to increase your organic traffic. You can send bulk emails at a time containing your website link and your products or services. 

12) Collaborate with others:

Collaborating with others help you in gaining your website traffic because their audience also reaches your website. And if they find your website content interesting, they keep coming back to it.

These are the organic ways to increase your website traffic. Use the insights, achieve the action, and stay ambitious.

We think that hard work gets the most reliable returns. If you want increased organic traffic, you will have to work for it. That means giving your best shot at every point, going after chances your rivals have missed, being logical, and within the limits of Google.

If you want to grow organic traffic to your website, it’s time to put these ways into action. Don’t have enough time and resources to gain organic traffic to your website? Hirola Infotech, the top digital marketing company in Bangalore, is here to help!

We have hands full of expertise in helping our customers grow organic traffic to their websites. 

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