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Hirola InfoTech Solutions is the Best Packaging Design Company in Bangalore. Our multidisciplinary design team includes brand strategy, graphic design, engineering, prototyping, and mechanical engineering.

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    What’s Included?

    What's Included In Our
    Package Design Services?

    Packaging design in Bangalore is crucial for attracting potential customers, converting them into buyers, and increasing sales. It may be difficult to get customers to buy your products if they don’t have a great design. Hirola InfoTech Solutions’ innovative and creative packaging design encourages customers to purchase your product.

    Whether multinationals or start-ups, our philosophy remains the same. We will do everything in our power to create beautiful, consistent brand stories in all packaging segments. Our decade-long experience, brand maturity and cross-segment exposure have given us the opportunity to work with India’s most well-known brands. Our design work has been awarded many design awards including the Best Design Studio in India Award for Packaging Design.

    • Moulded Packaging Design

      It is a design that is creatively designed according to the shape of the product. The packaging design in this case clearly depends on the size and shape of the product. Thus, the design is prepared in such a way that it can be moulded as per the product.

    • Identical Packaging Design

      It is a design that is replica of the product. It solely depends on the choice of the owner. If your business product demands a design that clearly shows what kind of product it is packaged in then this kind of packaging design is the best choice.

    • Secure Packaging Design

      It is a design that is very protective for the product it is designed for. No doubt it depends on the size of product but this kind of design is designed in such a way that all the faces of the package form a shell to the product.

    • Product Packaging Design

      Give your products an outstanding look with our creative product packaging designs. We have in our clientele some of the best companies from India and across the world. We have designed for them the most instinctive and appealing packaging designs which are in total sync with their company’s unique ideologies and beliefs.

    • Packaging Label Design

      At Hirola InfoTech Solutions, we provide packaging label services for all kinds of requirements. Whether you want a simplistic meaningful design or an embellished high-end one, we can do it for you. Our creative designers can fulfil your packaging, labelling and point of sale requirements at the costs feasible and affordable for you.

    • Bottle Packaging Design

      The artistic and creative values of our team help us design the best bottle packaging for you. We can create bottle packaging designs based on our distinctive concepts, or we can develop your ideas to create something exactly the way you want. Either way, we can design bottle packaging for all types of bottles.

    What Clients Say

    Mohan Kumar

    These guys are incredibly talented and reliable. They always go above and beyond for us. Their work is fantastic and they make a great team together. Highly recommend!

    Founder - Bangalore

    I used to juggle optimizing facebook campaigns on top of my workload, after we partnered Hirola, they have been a great help with running the Facebook campaigns and I am able to shift my focus to strategy and outcome.

    Rakesh Kumar
    Manager - Mumbai

    This is an amazing company. They were given a mission to create a website for our professional firm with a very tight timeline. They met and exceeded all of our expectations and in a matter of days we had a great website that has served us very well. Thanks to Hirola!

    Our Process

    We’ve created a roadmap for working with companies in a way that effectively executes a solid packaging design of a product.

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      The first step in the branding process understanding your business. We try to learn everything that is to know about your company. Your priorities and your unique selling points are identified.

    • Rectangle-Copy-17


      Then, we find answers to the relevant questions. What does your brand stand for? What is your mission? Why should people choose you over your competitors? How will your business add value to your customer’s life?

    • Rectangle

      Research & Prototype

      In this stage, we conduct research on your market and your competitors. We identify your target audience and try to create a design that fulfills their requirements. Then the design is sent to you for approval. All necessary changes and improvements are made according to your choice.

    • Group-9

      Testing & Launch

      Finally, the output is acquired and tested to see if it has worked well with the audience. We receive their feedback and criticism and try to work on them. In case of unfavorable results, the whole process is repeated from the beginning.

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    Package Design Services

    Package Design Agency

    Get most attractive package design services from Hirola InfoTech!

    We offer design services for all packages. Our goal is to make your brand standout from the rest and help you connect with customers. Our team includes talented designers who meet with clients face-to-face. Our designers collect information about your company, the product that you wish to launch on the market, and the socio-economic status of your target clients.

    Our designers ensure that every company has its USPs. Our designers create the story to satisfy the needs of the customers, highlight the unique features and differentiate your product from the rest. Graphically communicating the right messages to the right buyers, our designers stir up the right emotions, and appeal to the right segment of buyers. Your products will be ahead of theirs and your packaging design will add value to your commodities. Unique packaging designs allow you to command premium prices for your products, and help you gain a strong foothold on a competitive marketplace.

    Our clients receive package design advice that will complement their products. We have the technical expertise to help you understand the limitations of packaging in different markets, whether it is food packaging, fashion labelling, or product packaging. This saves time and money. We can design great packaging ideas for any item you request. This includes but is not limited to box design, labels, envelopes, hang tags, and wrappers. You can unlock your hidden potential to success by empowering your business with real packaging solutions that will leave a lasting impression on your customers’ minds.

    Why Packaging Design is Essential for a Brand?

    Your product packaging is a key factor in the success or failure of your product. People make quick and reflexive decisions when buying products. Eye-tracking studies show that most people don’t read more than seven words during a shopping trip. They base their purchasing decisions on the shape, colour, and familiarity with the location. Research has shown that good packaging design can increase sales by more than 50%.

    Why Do Brands Require Packaging Design Services 

    Hirola InfoTech Solutions is a top-ranked packaging design company that combines creativity with the most recent technology to create unique packaging designs. The first step in packaging design is to understand the brand strategy. This includes taking into account the brand story, identity and guidelines for that organization. Hirola specializes in packaging design for Cartons, Cans and other types of FMCG Product packaging. We have created bottles and metal bases, among other things.

    package design

    What Makes a Good Packaging Design

    Hirola offers a unique product packaging design to market your product. The process begins with understanding the product’s shape and final media of reproduction. Instead of creating a 2D product concept, you can create a few 3D concepts from the brief.

    We are a packaging design firm in Bangalore. We are a passionate group of young people who want to make a difference in the fields of branding, manufacturing, design and manufacturing. We create, innovate, design, and produce a full range of packaging solutions.

    Hirola InfoTech Solutions design is not just for the brand, but also for the people who use it. We do extensive research about factors such as colour schemes, sizes, packaging types, and markets. Then we design the box that best represents your brand. Brilliantly designed packaging can help you attract consumers, provide information about the product and make shipping easier. Your product packaging’s ability to make an impact on a market can create a new impression and rekindle a long-lasting memory. Hirola InfoTech Solutions Designs helps your packaging speak by combining creativity and innovation.

    Packaging Design FAQ’s

    What is the cost of package design?

    It depends. It all depends. Every project is unique and we treat each case individually. We customize quotes based upon the initial conversation we have with each client.

    How long does package design take?

    We take approximately 7 business days to finish the design process after the wireframe has been finalized.

    What will you get in the final package?

    A printable file will be created of your packaging, with the specified dimensions. The final design will be available in multiple formats, including JPEG and PNG.

    Is it possible to assign more than one SKU to a project?

    You can send additional SKUs according to your needs. They could be accommodated at minimal additional charges

    We can send you our versions of photos for additional consideration.

    We will consider images sent to us as references. We source only royalty-free images and, if necessary, we will initiate specific requests.

    Can you accept revisions?

    Yes, revisions can be made until the final version has been approved. We will gladly accommodate any additional revisions after final approval.

    How can we decide on the final packaging material?

    It all depends on the product. Our packaging expert can help you if you are unsure. They can recommend the best materials.

    Are we required to make an upfront payment of the full price?

    You only need to pay 50% upfront for the price you have quoted. You can pay the rest after you have received your files.