Social Media Platforms to Consider

Social Media Platforms to Consider
Social Media Platforms to Consider

There are plenty of social media platforms that are out there. But it’s impossible to be active on every social media platform when you are busy running your business. Choosing the right social media platform for your business can be a very troublesome task. You don’t want to make a decision that might affect your business growth. You will want to make the best decisions for your business that results in expansion and more growth. You can also contact the best social media marketing companies in Bangalore to get the best results.

It is hard to expand your business without getting it on social media. Social media helps to provide brand awareness to the people. Most people search for the company from their social media accounts to check if the company is providing valuable services or not. Or to see if the company is registered or not. 

It’s very beneficial for you to know which social media platform works the best for your business as it helps to reach your new audience and engage with them. 

Picking the perfect social media platforms is critical for your business as it determines your business growth. But how to choose it wisely? Let us help you out there!

To choose perfect social media platforms, you will first have to:

  • Recognize your Audience:

The first move is to know your target audience. Target audiences vary from business to business. The target audience for business to business is different from business to consumer. To make your picking easy, you can make a list of these questions mentioned below and answer them accordingly:

1) Who is your audience? Male or Female?

2) The age you want to target.

3) Who are your existing customers?

4) Their education level, interest, income, etc. 

Answering these questions will help you in finding your target audience. 

  • Set your goals:

Once you get to know who your audience is, you need to set your goals and objectives. Like you want to use social media platforms to increase your brand awareness or to increase your sales. Some brands use their social media platforms to connect with their users, to engage with them. 

  • Search your audience:

Every social media platform has a different audience. You will want to consider whether the audience you are targeting is even active on that social media platform or not. 

For example, many young users have their profiles on Facebook, but they are more active on Instagram and Snapchat. If you want to have a formal and professional audience, then LinkedIn is perfect for you. 

Importance of having Social media accounts

1) Helps to reach new and more number of people:

Most people are engaged on multiple social media platforms. One of the biggest advantages of having a social media account for your business is that it helps you to reach a wide number of people in a short time. You can run ads and reach more people with small budgets also.

2) Brand awareness:

Social media platforms help people to get aware of your brand even if you are a start-up company, you can grow. 

3) Communicate with customers:

Social media allows you to speak directly together with your customers. It also provides you with an opportunity to contact your customers. You can go live, add stories, have a question and answer section. You can build a life-long connection with your customers.

4) Get to know about your competitors:

Social media platforms give you a chance to know your competitors and get an edge over them. You can also promote your product or services on your social media platforms. 

In today’s digital world, social media presence is essential for every business. You can either make social media strategies by yourself, or you can contact the best social media marketing agencies in Bangalore to see the best results. 

Let’s help you choose the best social media platform for your business.

1) Facebook:

Facebook is one of the most desired social media platforms. More than 2 billion users use it every month. That’s a lot of population. And that is a population that you must be targeting. Many businesses use Facebook to promote their services and products. 

The average age demographic of people using Facebook is from 15-65 years or older. It is exercised by both Guys and Women. 

Facebook is easy to use and manage. You can start by making a page, adding an interesting cover picture and profile picture. You can upload videos, photos and create events to gain new followers and promote your services. 

2) Instagram:

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms and is mostly used by the younger population. This makes it a perfect fit for the brands that want to target young people. Instagram is used by both guys and women. The average usage of Instagram is over 1 billion per month.

You can add short videos, large videos, photos to your account. You can also connect your Instagram account with your Twitter and Facebook accounts. It helps you in saving your time and adds the same content at the same time on multiple accounts. 

You have to upload creative posts when it comes to Instagram. Several tools help you in creating creative posts like Canva, Crello, Photoshop, etc. It can be a little challenging but, you can overcome this challenge by contacting the best social media marketing companies in Bangalore. 

3) Twitter:

Twitter is known for its steamy content and information from all over the internet. The size of users using social media platforms keeps on changing but, Twitter has a user base of over 350 million per month. The key age demographic of using Twitter is 18-49 years or older. It is exercised by both guys and women. 

When you start using Twitter, you’ll see that it has a limit of 280 characters when it comes to adding descriptions. So, you have to be very interesting, brief and informational in those 280 characters. When it comes to brand awareness, Twitter is the best platform for you.

4) Youtube:

Youtube is a video sharing social media platform. It is the second after google. It is commonly used by comedians, teachers, vloggers, musicians, etc. But, it does not mean that businesses can not use it. 

You can add promotional videos, product videos, feedback and reviews videos. When you start making and uploading videos on youtube, you can also promote them on other social media networks. You can’t beat it!

Youtube has an average audience of more than 2 billion users monthly. It is used by everyone, kids, men and women of every age. 

5) LinkedIn:

No social media platform can beat LinkedIn when it comes to having a professional discussion or professional page set up. It’s a platform used by business owners and workers. People who are searching for relevant job opportunities also use the LinkedIn account. It is more formal than other platforms. It is better for Business to Business as compared to Business to consumers. 

LinkedIn has an average user base of over 350 million people monthly. It is used by both men and women aged between 20-64 years. 

6) Pinterest:

Pinterest is a visual sharing social media platform. You can share different photos, infographics and other visual content on Pinterest. The visuals can be related to anything fashion, clothing, makeup, education, car, etc. It is mostly used by women. It has a monthly user base of over 450 million. 

These are the social media platforms to consider and are essential in growing your business. 

At Hirola Infotech, we have a team full of social media experts who know how to make the most from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more. We are in constant touch with the latest trends and best methods when it comes to social media marketing. We aim to get you the results and growth that you want to see.

With the power of social media marketing, your business can expand like never before!

Are you ready to reach more customers through the best social media marketing strategies? Then contact the best social media marketing company in Bangalore for your business. 

Thank you!

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