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Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2023

Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2023

We are excited about the future of digital marketing as we enter a new decade. Tech continues to evolve at an incredible pace. It can be difficult to keep up with digital marketing trends due to the constant evolution of technology, algorithm updates, tools, and other developments. SEO can help increase your visibility and traffic organically. Your social media presence can help you build a brand. A well-managed PPC campaign will help you sell more. How do you choose what to concentrate on?

The secret to success lies in the old adage, “Work smarter, not harder.” Digital marketing agencies must stay current on future trends. We’ve done all the research and heavy lifting for you. Here are some digital marketing trends that we’re watching as we approach 2023.

Data Collection

Businesses are expected to take more initiative in gathering data as they move into 2023. You can use forms to gather information about customers. This could help you improve your sales funnel and even influence your next business move. Even the simplest forms can provide valuable information that will help you convert browsers into customers.

You can enter customer data using a CRM such as HubSpot. This will allow you to add customers to your mailing list, or monitor their activity on your website. This will allow your sales team to better understand where they are in the buyer journey of each website visitor.

Google Verified Listings For Local SEO

Your Google My Business listing is valuable for local businesses, such as a plumber or a veterinarian clinic. It also helps to establish your geographic location.

Having a geographically-defined service area with Google My Business listing aids in showing up for “near me” searches. Customers can also find out more about your business in Google Search results. A potential customer can view your address, open hours, star rating, and star rating as well as your current status.

Verify your Google Business Listing to ensure that the information is accurate. Keep it updated. Verifying your business is beneficial:

Search, Maps, or other Google properties can be used to manage your business information.

Verified businesses are more reliable and trustworthy than unverified competitors.

Verifying your business will prevent fraud from occurring in the unlikely event that another person attempts to claim your listing as theirs and pretends to be the owner.

Voice Search

Voice-activated digital assistants continue to be huge sellers, and let’s be realistic – some households talk to Alexa, Siri, or Cortana more than they speak to family members. The popularity of voice search both at home and on our phones has led to one of the most significant shifts in using keywords.

Think about it. When we type a search into Google, we phrase it differently than when we use Alexa for information. For example, a person looking for the nearest Indian restaurant might type “Indian restaurant Raleigh” into Google, but might ask Cortana, “where is the closest Indian restaurant”. When writing content, choose your keywords based on the questions people may ask when using Siri or Alexa. This can increase your visibility, and this digital marketing trend shows no sign of slowing down.

Visual Search

Google now allows users to upload images and receive information about items from the picture. A plant photo will return species information. A landmark image will return historical data. It returns similar products and places to purchase them when a user searches for a particular product. Google Lens, Pinterest Lens and other related search tools transform a user’s smartphone into a search bar.

What can you do to make visual search work for your business? If your target market is on Pinterest, you can add high-quality images with descriptive keywords to your online inventory. You also have the option of introducing an image search in your online inventory. They offer a boost in search results for brands that advertise on them.

Also, consider these:

Having an image sitemap increases the chances of your images being found by search engines

Before uploading images to your website, use descriptive file names

Add alternative text to all images (aka “Alt tags”)

Online Reviews

Ads specialists review every bit of data to ensure the best results for a Google Ads campaign. They also tweak and adjust keywords and bids as needed. This meticulous attention to detail can produce great results but it can also be exhausting. The business owner who tries to manage a campaign can become overwhelmed and fail.

Automated bidding strategies are available. These strategies allow Google to make use of machine learning to analyze its vast amount of data to adjust your bids immediately. Ad specialists can use automated strategies, while maintaining complete control. Although automated bidding is not new, Smart Bidding was launched in 2016. However, most business owners don’t know what it is and what it does.

There are many human strategies involved in optimising PPC performance. It’s not enough to just set it and forget about it. You need to constantly test all aspects of your PPC performance, even automated bid strategies.

Platforms for Real-Time Messaging

It is now possible to communicate with customers quickly and efficiently using real-time messaging platforms. You must do all you can to give prospects as much information and as many details as possible in this age of instant gratification. Otherwise, you risk losing them to a rival. As businesses seek to improve customer interaction and engagement, expect to see more platforms like these.

Google Analytics 4

Google announced that the Universal Analytics platform, which is well-known to many, will be considered a legacy tool in 2023. Don’t fret! Google Analytics 4, also known as GA4, is a new version of the beloved UA, with a few extra bells and whistles.

GA4 gives you the ability to link to Google Merchant Center and Google Optimize natively. Your custom reports can be added to the navigation menu to make it easier to find the same view. Access to predictive analytics, anomaly detection, deeper attribution models and more will also be available.

It is important to set up your GA4 account as soon possible. This will give you more time to familiarize yourself with the new marketing tool. You can also use your existing UA platform for comparison of your goals, data and traffic trends – just so you know you are reading the data correctly and that you have the right data backups.

Here are the Latest Social Media Marketing Trends in 2023

Interactive Content

Interactive sections on your website are a great way for visitors to learn and engage with you.

Imagine you are a realtor who added a mortgage calculator on your website. Your visitors will appreciate the value you offer and learn more about themselves by using the information in your calculator.

Interactive marketing is an example of this:

Assessments like quizzes

Surveys and polls



Shoppable Posts

A link to your e-commerce store in your bio is great. You can also link to specific products in your Instagram Stories. This is especially important if you have more than 10,000 followers or are a verified presence. Today’s shopper doesn’t want to be interrupted by advertisements. They just want to skip as many steps as they can. Shoppable Posts allow you to tag or feature a product on Instagram for people to view, love, and then buy it without having to leave your post.

These platforms are aware that shoppers use them to shop and have made it easier for merchants selling via social media. In the last few years, Instagram and Pinterest have made it possible for e-commerce shops to create shoppable posts. They have made it simple to tag and shop products in your posts using a native integration. This is a great way for online retailers to drive traffic to their product pages.

Let’s take a look at this example by Free People on Instagram.

The photo appears on their feed. When you tap the photo the price and dress name will appear. You can tap the price to open a screen that gives you more information and allows you to view the item online at Free People. You can scroll to see more products from this screen.

Social commerce allows you to reach new customers, reduce barriers to purchase, and drastically shorten the sales funnel.

It is easy to create an Instagram Shopping account. This will allow you to increase your followers’ experience. Your profile must first be created as a business account before you can set up shoppable posts. It will need to be linked to your Facebook profile. This in turn will need to be linked to your product catalog.

Your Instagram account will be shoppable, which will allow you to post shoppable content. First, create a Shop Tab in Facebook and then import your inventory using the Catalog Manager. After everything has been approved by Facebook, you can begin tagging products in order to make it easier to convert social media sales.

Social Media Messaging Apps 

There are approximately 1.3 billion people who use Facebook Messenger each month. Around 10 billion messages are exchanged between people and businesses through this messaging app. While people like the convenience of shopping online and receiving service at home, they still prefer the face-to-face interaction that brick-and mortar businesses offer. This prompt service can be provided by messaging apps via social media.

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and WeChat offer businesses an easy and inexpensive way to communicate with customers and provide personalized, personal service. These tips will help you increase customer loyalty by making communication and messaging more personal and convenient.

·        So customers can connect to you directly while shopping, install a plugin or widget on your website.

·        Chat should only be enabled if you are sure that someone is available to answer.

·        Set an aside message to let your customers know when you will get back to them.

Stories from social media

Social media stories can be very easy to use. They allow you to showcase products, events and behind-the scenes experiences. It’s easy to forget that Instagram Stories, as well as Stories on other platforms, are a powerful form of digital marketing when you consider that a third of Instagram Stories that have the most views come from businesses.

This medium is so powerful because of its exciting and fleeting nature. If they want to be notified of special offers or information, consumers must keep up with their favorite profiles. Your followers will follow you if you provide a behind-the scenes look, discount code or limited edition product via Stories. As long as you deliver, they will love your updates.

These are some simple ideas to add value to your social media posts:

·        Find customer content that your business has tagged in and then repost it onto Your Stories

·        Livestream video to people who couldn’t view it live

·        Use polls, questions and quizzes as a way to connect with viewers and encourage them to participate.

·        Make simple animations or short videos showing your product/service in action

Social Media Contests Media Contests

Contests on social media can be a great way to get your customers involved and engage them. Consider the t-shirt gun at a baseball game. The mascot races around the field to get the crowd excited for a free T-shirt. It works, because everyone is on their feet and clamoring to win the prize. They’re all there already, excited and who doesn’t want free stuff?

This principle can be applied to contests in your online community. The audience is already there and wants to cheer you on. All they need to do is give them a little incentive and some hand waving.

You should carefully consider the process when running a social media contest. Consider the following:

What is your goal?

How long will it last and what platform will it run on?

What’s your offer? How much would it cost you?

What should you ask contestants and how can you manage their entries?

How do you choose the winner and how do you receive the prize?

What are you going to do with the information from the contest?

When running a social media contest, it is important to be truthful and trustworthy. People love free stuff and will often give up some of their personal information or time to receive it from brands that they trust.

Employee Engagement

A business that has many employees who are passionate about their work can be a huge asset to its online reputation.

Employees who love their work and the company for which they work tend to share it. Employees should be encouraged and supported to discuss it online, including tagging the company or sharing interesting stories.

Employee engagement is a great way to build your online community. LinkedIn is a great example of this. It is possible to have a company profile where you share events and articles. However, to increase traffic and engagement, encourage your employees to share and comment on these posts.

LinkedIn’s algorithm values personal connections. This spreads the news to more people, signaling that they value their employees and are actively involved with the company. It might be worth setting goals for employees and rewarding them who share your content. This will encourage people to share company news with their networks.

It is crucial to check the personal pages and profiles of employees before you designate them as ambassadors or torchbearers for your company. Verify that they have completed their profiles and are verified. Also, ensure that the content of their past and current pages supports your company’s overall views.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a popular trend that’s not likely to go away. This route is increasingly popular among businesses to reach potential customers. Influencers can reach potential customers through YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

A person people trust in a particular field such as scientists, professional athletes, or dog trainers. These influencers have an online following to promote their products or services. Influencer marketing taps into these communities, which are often active and loyal and large. You could pay a local chef for a post about your urban farm’s produce, or send your sneakers to a professional basketball player to use in their photos.

Influencer marketing is not limited to a local celebrity or hero. Look for people who have growing audiences on different platforms and observe how they interact with followers. A small, dedicated audience will be more effective for marketing than a large, disconnected audience. You must also align your values with the influencer to ensure that your message and mission are effectively communicated. This will allow you to be sure that you are both working together towards the same goal.

Although this type of marketing is very well-known, it comes with many restrictions and rules. This includes disclosure of financial relationships. Influencers can use the #ad hashtag on their social media posts. You should thoroughly research your state’s laws and make sure you enforce them for your team and the influencer with whom you work. This will ensure that the audience is aware of what they are being sold to and that no laws are broken.

When choosing influencers to represent your brand, you need to be cautious. This type of marketing won’t work if you select the wrong people with a limited reach or audience.

Conversational marketing

“To whom it may concern” is out. “Hey,” has arrived! You must talk to customers like you would normal conversations if you want to get new customers.

Chatbots and instant messaging are enabling companies to communicate with customers as if they were friends. These interactions are much more engaging than generic introductions and someone reading from a script. It’s easy for people to see through it and they won’t be tempted to do business with them.

The Latest Design Trends in 2023

Redux of Color Theory

In 2023, vibrant colors and gradients will be hot. Digital lavender is the predicted trending color in 2023. It is soothing online and will be the dominant color of the spring and summer seasons. Make sure to choose eye-catching colors that will compel people to act immediately.


Gamification, a digital marketing trend that integrates games into websites, is an emerging trend. Although this is an exaggeration, all of the elements that make games addictive, fun, and engaging are being used by businesses as marketing strategies to increase customer loyalty and brand awareness.

Let’s take gamification as a pre-digital age. Think of it like McDonald’s Monopoly: buy certain products, collect the pieces and win prizes. It’s simple and very effective. It’s clear that gaming is a popular feature in e-commerce. 80% of smartphone users play mobile games on their smartphones.

These are just a few examples.

You can spin the wheel to get discounts ranging from 10% to 50%.

Register on the site for 10 consecutive days to win a prize

The website offers a Scavenger Hunt that encourages users to look through every page looking for new items. Once they find all the items, they will be rewarded with a discount or a free download. ).

To increase brand awareness, use games in your ads.

Gamification has many benefits

·        User engagement is increased

·        Engage users in your products and services

·        Clear calls to action regarding how to convert

·        It can be used to teach

·        It can be used as a training tool

This is a great way to get users to return to your website

Visceral Experiences with VR and AR

Video content helps brands connect with customers on an emotional level. The next V is visceral. Visceral refers to deep, inner feelings. Technology advances can allow you to tap into these feelings through virtual and augmented realities experiences.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg presented the new virtual reality platform Spaces to the globe by Virtually touring a hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico. Although this was poor PR, it is a good example of digital marketing’s future direction in offering meaningful and deep experiences. Brands are now offering tours of their facilities and offering interactive 3D models to allow users to examine the products. Smaller businesses will be able to take advantage of AR/VR technology as it becomes easier to access.

Major companies such as IKEA are already using AR. Customers can view how a piece or furniture will look in their space using their AR app before buying (or even going into a store). This shelving unit was tested in TheeDigital’s conference room.

Benefits of AR and VR:

This allows for a more immersive shopping experience that lets you see the product in your own home, office, or yard.

This helps customers make purchasing decisions.

You will have a more personal experience

This increases brand awareness and user engagement.

Video Marketing Video Marketing

Video was a top-ranked content type in 2019 and it is not slowing down. Consider the many benefits of video marketing.

Videos are well received by customers.

They can increase engagement.

It is a great way to showcase new products and existing products.

It is easy to put together, and it’s much more cost-effective than graphics and copy.

It offers the best conversion rates of any marketing type. Like every digital marketing trend, it can be updated as well. Video is no exception.

Live video such as Instagram Live and Facebook Live keeps viewers watching for three times longer than standard videos. It creates the fear of missing out and draws viewers in, so they’re the first to hear about big news.

Emails can now include personalized video advertising to help create more personal messages, share more information quickly and keep your message from getting lost in a sea of text. Emails with videos have an 8x higher click-through rate than traditional emails.

Customers feel more confident buying product videos, as they provide a greater sense of scale and specification than text and photos.

Some things are timeless, just like the little black dress and the aviator sunglasses. These are the top three trends in online marketing that have been huge over the last few years and will be major in the future.

1. Content Marketing

Marketing automation, email marketing and video have all been discussed, so it is no surprise that content marketing will not be going away anytime soon. Two-fold benefits can be derived from content marketing:

To increase your search engine ranking, you can use high-quality content with strategic keyword usage and to attract more traffic from a relevant audience.

Your valuable information helps you stand out as an authority and builds trust.

A few factors are key to content marketing success. These include knowing and leveraging keywords that you want to rank for, creating content that is relevant to every stage of your sales funnel, from new customers to loyal customers, as well as building engagement to build brand ambassadors by sharing your content.

These are some of the most powerful forms of content marketing that can help you achieve your goals:

Blog posts are used to share news and information about your company.

You can now create service pages to help you target keywords and get a better look at your business.

Images and videos to create interest


To keep customers informed and continue engagement, email newsletters are a great way to stay in touch.

You can use case studies to prove your success.

2.Page Speed

Slow-loading pages are the #1 reason that users abandon a website within one minute of landing. Also known as the bounce rate, even a few seconds delay in loading a page can adversely affect your conversion.

You can speed up page loading times quite easily, which is the good news. Optimize your images. Make sure you don’t have large files. If they do exist, reduce them to less than 100KB.

Reduce the number of redirects that are internal to your site. This includes redirect chains that have to go through multiple redirects before they land on the correct URL. These can be reduced to increase your authority in Google as well as your page load speed (both positive things).

3.User-generated content (UGC).

User-generated content, when properly moderated and curated, can be a powerful tool on your website for both SEO and user experience.

User-generated content (UGC), doesn’t need to be complex or extensive. It can be as simple as a review of a product on your website, a comment on an article on the blog, or a section in which people can ask questions and receive the answers. Let’s first look at the benefits.

Content Updates – Google loves content updates. Every time a question, comment or review is made, the content is updated.

Longer content – Search engine rankings can be improved by having more content. This is because search engines assume that more content equals a comprehensive resource. Although product descriptions may be brief, customer reviews can increase SEO by adding length.

Content uniqueness – Copying content can harm SEO. However, product descriptions are one example of how you can make your product stand apart from thousands of other similar products. This is especially true if you use the copy provided by the manufacturer. Your search engine ranking can be boosted by user reviews and comments.

It is important to ensure that you are moderating user-generated content. You can set up certain settings on your blog to reduce spam, stop link postings and filter comments that contain specific words. However, it is possible to manually moderate your UGC. This can be difficult if you have a lot of reviews and comments.

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