What is SEO? Importance of SEO

what is seo

If you are asking questions about the importance of Search engine optimization(SEO), then you have come to the right place. Performing Seo can take your business to the next level and If you don’t use Seo activities it also breaks your business. Let’s start with understanding the concept of SEO.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization(SEO) is the process of improving your website and getting it ranked on different search engine platforms like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Better ranking helps in better visibility of your website. It helps in gaining better attention from users. As users only visit those websites that are ranking on different search engines. 

There are different types of SEO’s like:

  • On-Page SEO:

These are the measures that you take on your website to rank better on search engines. They may be adding the proper titles, descriptions, headings, URLs, alt tags, keywords placement, etc.

  • Off-Page SEO:

These are the measures that include promoting your website on other websites. It refers to link building techniques. It could be done in the form of guest blogging, blog commenting, social sharing and bookmarking, articles and infographics sharing, etc.

  • Technical SEO:

It refers to website and server optimizations that help in indexing your website more quickly. 

  • Black hat SEO:

It refers to the unapproved practices by Google. It means using wrong methods to get a better ranking on search engines. It may be by manipulating the search engine policies or using the plagiarised content. 

  • White hat SEO:

It refers to improving your website ranking on search engines using the practices that are defined by google. 

  • Grey hat SEO:

It refers to the practices used by agencies to get better fast rankings by using both white hat SEO and black hat SEO. It’s somewhere between both the SEO practices.

Importance of SEO:

Seo is a crucial part of the digital marketing process as it helps in improving your website rankings on search engine platforms. It helps in providing better visibility of your website.

1) Rank and Visibility:

One of the most crucial features of SEO is that it helps in getting your website a better ranking and visibility on different search engine platforms. Better ranking and visibility help your users find you easily. 

2) Increase in Website traffic:

SEO helps in increasing your website traffic. You increase your traffic when you are, ranking better on search engines and when you are, more visible to your users. To improve your website traffic, you need to follow the best SEO strategies. It may even result in getting your website on the top search engine.

3) Growth:

SEO helps in expanding your business. When you are getting new customers, you have better rankings and visibility, then it’s pretty obvious that your business will also grow. 

4) Better user experience:

SEO techniques include adding unique content to your website. That is useful to the customers, not copied from any other website. Better content means a better user experience. It helps in leaving your user with a positive experience.

5) Mobile-Friendly website:

Since you are performing all the techniques to make your website better and responsive. SEO helps you in creating fast and mobile-friendly websites. You should create a mobile-friendly website for your users. So that they could visit your website anytime, even, with their mobile. 

6) Organic search:

Using the best SEO techniques will help you in getting an organic website for your traffic. You just have to optimize your website according to the SEO strategies and you’ll be on top of every search engine without spending a penny. 

We know SEO is a bit difficult to understand in the beginning. But, when you start doing it, you will find it easy. You will find it very helpful as it can do wonders for your website or business. You can earn more by spending less!

A good SEO will not just focus on making your content better but also on solving the technical issues that your website is facing, it will also help in making your website speed fast. Do you know what is the best part of using SEO? That you can always track your SEO strategies. You can check if the strategies that you are using are doing the work or not? If they require any changes or not. You can always get a clear idea of it. You can use some tools that help you with all the flaws that your website has. You can make a report of it and start taking the relevant measures to solve it.

For gaining a better knowledge about SEO you can always contact Hirola infotech. We have a team of professionals that will help you get a better understanding and solve all your queries.

Thank you!

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